I'm having problem using the page includes for setting up a header component called TelenorHeader under my own areaName (Telenor).

In my page template "TelenorPage" under the metadata schema I have added an include to: system/include/telenorheader

The setup for the rest of the page template is: Page View Name : Telenor:TelenorPage I have also tried to setup some Regions Metadata here to: - Region View Name: Telenor:TelenorHeader - Region Name: Telenor:TelenorHeader enter image description here

The TelenorHeader page it is setup with the include page template (no meta data). enter image description here

In my TelenorModuleInitializer I have this setup

@RegisteredViewModel(viewName = "TelenorPage", modelClass = PageModelImpl.class),
@RegisteredViewModel(viewName = "TelenorHeader", modelClass = RegionModelImpl.class),
@RegisteredViewModel(viewName = "TelenorTeaser", modelClass = TelenorTeaserModel.class),
@RegisteredViewModel(viewName = "TelenorHeaderTop", modelClass = TelenorHeaderTop.class),

@ModuleInfo(name = "Telenor MVC module", areaName = "Telenor", description = "DXA module which contains Telenor MVC")
public class TelenorModuleInitializer extends AbstractInitializer {
protected String getAreaName() {
    return "Telenor";

Under the WEB-INF/Views/Telenor/Region I have created the TelenorHeader.jsp View

When I run it all the Pages and Entities views that I have under my Telenor folder works as intended but for the Region I get an error telling me it is trying to get the region view from the Core folder. Why is it not mapping correctly to my custom Telenor module?

16:05:38.263 [http-nio-8080-exec-9] ERROR c.s.w.c.impl.taglib.dxa.RegionTag - Error while processing region tag
javax.servlet.ServletException: File [/WEB-INF/Views/Core/Region/TelenorHeader.jsp] not found
at     org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServlet.handleMissingResource(JspServlet.java:407) [jasper.jar:8.5.4]

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For include Pages, the (qualified) View Name is obtained from the Page Title. See https://github.com/sdl/dxa-content-management/issues/3


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