I want to search a list of Components in my DXA site, by two criterias, which mapped to two Keywords.

For example, I have one shop item, which has two main property:

  • Category: Toys, Electronic, etc

  • Info Type: Promotion, Pre-sales, etc

Based on article: Content Lists, we suppose to use content query here. But content query can only support one content type, but here we have 2 dimensions. So what's the suitable solution to handle this kind of situation?

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The predefined Content Query schema, associated ContentList View Model, ListController and DefaultContentProvider.PopulateDynamicList are currently functionally quite limited.

However, they do demonstrate a pattern you can implement yourself to do whatever kind of dynamic, query based list implementation:

  • Create your own list Schema and associated View Model
  • Create your own list Controller and use the CD API to perform the query
  • Create your own list CT associated with your list Schema and your list Controller

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