Is there any Code Mirror GUI extension to support RTF fields ? we have downloaded http://blog.building-blocks.com/technical-tips/new-version-of-sdl-tridion-2011-syntax-highlighting-gui-extension. However it is not supporting for RTF fields.

version of the product is 2013 SP1 HR1


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By Default codemirror supports templateviews as follow TemplateBuildingBlockView PageTemplateView ComponentTemplateView

you may need to modify CodeMirrorExtension.config and tridion-code-mirror-extension.js to support Rich field.


This is definitely possible, by just adding the right code to "Attach" to the source tab of the RTF field within a component. We have done this, so it is possible with the existing version that you have now.

The extension that we modified - I am also trying to make into an Alchemy plugin... but I am not sure if this will be sharable with the community yet (as it is for a client, and I will need to get permission)


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