After installation of Content Manager when i opened the CME Interface it shows content management section empty with no default publications at all. I was expecting default publications will be available which have set of folders with default template, schema , TBB to be used for development. Not getting any error on the browser or CME UI. please share what could be the possible reason for this; thanks

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A freshly installed system has no publications. You will need to create these yourself to match your own business needs and technical requirements.

If you are keen to have some ready-made items (including publications) as a starting point for development, you should look at the Digital Experience Accelerator, which is a framework that you can install in your freshly installed Web 8 system, and includes ready-made code and many examples of good practice.


As mentioned above you will not get any publication after a fresh installation of CM & CM DB. Please use following link to create the publication(s).


Note: after creating first publication create "structure group" after that only you will be able to create child publications.


In addition to above answers, to create default templates, TBB, schema etc. (if you are not willing to use DXA); you can use SDL Web Template Builder tool and choose "Create default building blocks" option from "Tools" menu as shown below:

enter image description here

Further, my suggestion is that before you really start rushing for the development, you must have done following exercise before and implement them in SDL Web CMS:

  • Brainstorming and Concluding on the Blueprint Hierarchy
  • Brainstorming and Finalizing on the Content Models
  • Implementing the Blueprint Hierarchy in the CMS
  • Implementing Schema based on Content Models

I hope this helps

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