I am using SDL web8 with DXA1.4. I have the requirement to display the creation date of a multimedia component on the web page. I found

BuildEntityModel Method in the DefaultModelBuilder class

does not add the creation date in the XMPMetadata of the componentpresentation.However I can see the ModifiedDate there. Is there any way to retrieve component CreationDate inside the DXA without writing Event System or TBB?

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Use the regular CD API to retrieve this property as follows:

  1. Construct a ComponentMetaFactory
  2. Use the ComponentMetaFactory to get a IComponentMeta: IComponentMeta myComponent = ComponentMetaFactory.GetMeta(<tcmId>);
  3. var myCreationDate = myComponent.CreationDate
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    You could put a CreationDate property on your View Model and create a custom Entity Controller which retrieves the date as described and sets the View Model property. Commented Nov 21, 2016 at 21:09

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