I am using SDL Web 8 with DXA1.6 framework to create MVC Webapplication. As per DXA reference implementation guide it ask to create mapping using Toplogy Manager cmdlet. This step forces to have 1 to 1 mapping between publication and webapplication(deployed in IIS)

Add-TtmMapping -Id {MAPPINGID} -PublicationId {PUBID} -WebapplicationId {WEBAPPLICATION}_RootWebApp

But my webapplication needs to serve webpages for multiple US states + languages combination. Thus I have below six publications from where i will be publishing the content and pages to be used in my web application and in future it may add up more to the list.

Publications in CMS:

publication 1 : website {US State1}_ENGLISH

publication 2 : website {US State1}_SPANISH

publication 3 : website {US State2}_ENGLISH

publication 4 : website {US State2}_SPANISH

publication 5 : website {US State3}_ENGLISH

publication 6 : website {US State3}_SPANISH

website URLs list:








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Looking at your requirements, I see the following Topology Manager configuration:

  • 1 Website with Base URL http://{domain-name}
  • 1 Web Application with Context URL / (Root Web App)
  • 6 Mappings with Relative URLs {stateX}/{languageY} and associated Publication.
  • thanks Rick this approach works perfectly fine and webpage able to render content now for state and language combinations in the url. For the common asset files (css, js). I am planning to publish that from Master Website publication so that for these asset files, there will common reference path used in pages (pages are created in publications meant for <state><language> combinations) Commented Nov 30, 2016 at 11:16
  • Hi Rick; I am facing one limitation after defining 6 mappings with Relative Urls {stateX}/{languageY}. It gives below error if any url is hit which falls outside of the defined 6 Mappings. for example say the url http://{domain}/redirect/?url=google.com or any other url which does not contain <state><language> after domain name. Error: "No Matching Localization found for the URL 'http://{domain}/redirect/'" Commented Jan 18, 2017 at 13:25

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