While setting up a hyperlink to a component inside of a RTF, the "open" button to view the component is grayed out. Is this normal behavior? It seems like the button doesn't actually serve a purpose if it's always grayed out in this way. Users would need a way to easily see what the component values are.


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Mine too is greyed out if I choose a Component as the link type.

However, the open button becomes enabled if using http:// as the link type, and can be used to open the linked page (e.g. The BBC website) in a new browser tab.

enter image description here

Copying and pasting the TcmId of the Component (e.g. tcm:234-122967) into the search box is the only way I know of opening a linked Component.

If this is not a bug (or browser-specific anomaly), then having the open button open up the Component would be a good suggestion over at SDL Web Ideas.


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