I am trying to set the JAXBElement in to the PublishInstructionData using the below function but getting the error on runtime as Exception in thread "main" com.sdltridion.contentmanager.coreservice.ICoreServicePublishCoreServiceFaultFaultFaultMessage: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: publishInstruction.ResolveInstruction.

PublishInstructionData publishInstructionData = new PublishInstructionData();
ResolveInstructionData resolveInstructionData = new ResolveInstructionData();
JAXBElement jaxbElement =    new JAXBElement(new QName(ResolveInstructionData.class.getSimpleName()), ResolveInstructionData.class, resolveInstructionData);
  • Is this not the same root issue as in your previous question? – David Forster Dec 20 '16 at 13:42
  • Here, I want to know if I am doing the correct conversion into JAXBElement as I am getting the null value. – Ankur Dec 20 '16 at 13:53