I have a business requirement to fetch Components based on a Schema from broker database on the basis of two date fields in metadata: start_date and end_date.

I will have one date input and the query should only return Components where this specific date lies between the values in the start_date and end_date metadata fields.

I tried with MetaValueCriteria and CustomDateRangeCriteria but was not successful.

Do we need to pass a specific date format to query on date fields and how can I use MetaValueCriteria with date fields?

  • Have you tried something already? Is there something that didn't work as you expected? Jan 9, 2017 at 12:25

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Your question doesn't specify version or whether you're using .Net or Java but the API is similar. I quickly wrote this example to show you how I'd use the 2013 SP1 .Net Content Delivery API for a query like what you describe.

var inputDate = DateTime.Now;
var schemaId = 500;

var greaterThanStartDateCriteria = new CustomMetaKeyCriteria("start_date", Criteria.GreaterThanOrEqual);
var lessThanEndDateCriteria = new CustomMetaKeyCriteria("end_date", Criteria.LessThanOrEqual);

var startDateCriteria = new CustomMetaValueCriteria(greaterThanStartDateCriteria, inputDate);
var endDateCriteria = new CustomMetaValueCriteria(lessThanEndDateCriteria, inputDate);

var schemaCriteria = new ItemSchemaCriteria(schemaId);

var combinedCriteria = new AndCriteria(new Criteria[] { schemaCriteria, startDateCriteria, endDateCriteria });
var query = new Query(combinedCriteria);

var results = query.ExecuteQuery();

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