As part of the upgrade from version 7 to 8.5, we are upgrading our UI extensions. Since version 8.5 (in v8 it was ok), we have an issue with an event not being triggered:

var view = $display.getView();
$evt.addEventHandler(view.properties.controls.fieldBuilder, "load", this.getDelegate(this.onFormFieldsLoaded));

This event was previously triggered before by schema.load(...) and was executed before the schemaLoaded handler. Here is the code:

schema = $models.getItem(requiredMedatataSchema.Id);
$evt.addEventHandler(schema, "load", schemaLoaded);
$evt.addEventHandler(schema, "loadfailed", schemaLoadFailed);
schema.load(true, $const.OpenMode.VIEW, false);

Now, in 8.5, the event is not triggered anymore.

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The problem was that item.setMetadataSchema(schema) was not working. Instead I used the following:

var view = $display.getView();
view.setSchemaDropdown(schema, view.properties.controls.MetaSchemaDropdown);

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