How we can control on user login to webstore from Tridion, Is there a way to restrict the user login other than approved.


After we Install Alchemy4Tridion, by default all the users can able to view alchemy and install/uninstall the plugins who has web store account. Instead in current approach, I am trying to restrict the users to access alchemy, based on users who have access to alchemy I wanted to give further Install,uninstall and Configure permissions

Is this achievable in current version(0.8.2)?

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In the alchemy control room, it's possible to restrict access of who can install or uninstall plugins via Alchemy. enter image description here

To get to this, click the A4T menu, choose "Control room", and then choose "Alchemy Permissions"

If you have a need to block access to the alchemy pages completely, then you could post a request on the github page https://github.com/Alchemy4Tridion/Alchemy4Tridion/issues, so this could be integrated in an upcoming version of Alchemy.

  • For Web 8.5 and above, the Alchemy community could consider if the new Privileges feature could help control visibility via a custom privilege. Jan 24, 2017 at 15:01

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