I am getting Claimstore as Null in java. My claim store is null from the below code.:

    private ResultSet executeSmartTargetQuery(AbstractSmartTargetPageModel stPageModel, final TcmUri pageUri) throws SmartTargetException {
        TcmUri publicationUri = new TcmUri(TcmUtils.buildPublicationTcmUri(pageUri.getPublicationId()));

        ClaimStore claimStore = AmbientDataContext.getCurrentClaimStore();
        System.out.println("Claim Store "+ claimStore);
        String triggers = AmbientDataHelper.getTriggers(claimStore);

I got to know the filter mapping to be add, ADF ClaimStore not available (null) in Java Application After that I added the filter in below code, I am getting 404 Error:

public class WebAppConfiguration implements WebApplicationInitializer {

    public void onStartup(ServletContext servletContext) throws ServletException {
        AnnotationConfigWebApplicationContext servletAppContext = new AnnotationConfigWebApplicationContext();

        servletContext.addListener(new ContextLoaderListener(servletAppContext));

        ServletRegistration.Dynamic registration = servletContext.addServlet("DispatcherServlet", new DispatcherServlet(servletAppContext));

        registerFilter(servletContext, AmbientClientFilter.class, "/*");

MY dxa.property file is as follows :

#EHCache configuration
#cache expired elements for amount of seconds

## DXA

# Web Properties

# Possible profiles:
# search.aws - Activates AWS in Search, Not compatible with search.solr
# search.solr - Activates SOLR in Search, Not compatible with search.aws
# dxa.no-cache - Makes DXA use NoCacheProvider in Tridion
# test Activates - Testing context, Only affects unit testing. Activated in Tests by default. Doesnt affect application.

# Multiple-line configuration is possible
#spring.profiles.active=search.solr, \
#  dxa.no-cache


## Modules
# - All commented are optional

# Mapping for CID resolver (Filter or Servlet)

# Class to use as a resolver for CID images

# External path to the server which runs DXA for back-mapping for CID Service

# Redirect link for XO GA client

Do someone have any idea, how to solve it.

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The problem is likely that the AmbientClientFilter is not enabled.

It should not be needed to do that in code like you tried; it should be done through DXA properties configuration. This config has changed quite a bit in earlier DXA versions (IIRC, for some versions you still needed a web.xml).

I would recommend to try with a newer DXA version. Preferably the latest (DXA 1.6 since you're on 2013 SP1), but if you try DXA 1.5, you can get away without changing the CM-side.

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