The current code fetches all the pages from the Root Structure Group as XML. But in the page XML Elements, I would also need the parent Structure Group Information for the page.

Filter filter = new Filter();
filter.Conditions["ItemType"] = 64;
filter.Conditions["Recursive"] = true;
result = rootSg.GetListItems(filter);

Is there any way to use filter.AdditionalColumns and fetch the information.

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    I would suspect that the additional columns that are supported will depend on the list method for which the Filter is used - have you referred to the APU documentation? Perhaps you can enhance your question (and help others to answer it in a few simple steps): (1) Include an example of the output to which you refer, (2) include the code that retrieves the list in the first place, (3) document what you've already tried/read? – Dylan .. Mark Saunders Mar 1 '17 at 11:32

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