I'm trying to develop an extension which allows me to get the applicacion data into the Content Manager. After reading a lot, i choose use Anguilla Framework to do that using a WFC, like you said above. I have written the first code lines in the .svc, lines of example to probe the connection, but i still get an error:

WCFAppData is not defined

Could you help me please? I post the code/configuration here:

JS file which call my svc:

var onSuccess = this.getDelegate(this._handleUserInfo);
var onFailure = null;
var context = null;

WCFAppData.Services.Example.GetData(1, onSuccess, onFailure, context, false);

Extension Config file

Extension config file

This is the folder structure: Folder structure

The svc code:

[AspNetCompatibilityRequirements(RequirementsMode = AspNetCompatibilityRequirementsMode.Required)]
public class Example : IExample
    public Example()
        /*_EndpointName = "netTcp_2013";

    public string GetData(int value)
        return string.Format("You entered: {0}", value);

    /*private void initalizeCoreService(string _EndpointName)
        _client = new SessionAwareCoreServiceClient(_EndpointName);

    public string DoWork(string value)
        return string.Format("You entered: {0}", value);

Could you help me? Its possible that the problem comes from another place? Do you think is something wrong or any lack of configuration?

Also I put the WCFAppData.dll in the path C:\Tridion\web\WebUI\WebRoot\bin

Thanks in advance!!

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