I found a big list of power tools published on sdltridionworld.com for Tridion CMS. Each tool description is impressive and can help to fix lot of pain-points for daily cms tasks.

Are these power tools available for Tridion 2013 SP1. if yes do we have any installation zip available for same.

I am looking for below tool specifically at this moment to solve my current problem:

Component Synchronizer: Tool to make sure all components are in sync with their schemas

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As per documentation from the community it is no longer in active development. You can still get it from this link and more info on the same here http://tridioncommunity.github.io/tridion-powertools/


In SDL Tridion 2013 the use-case for an external component synchronizer became less compelling with the introduction of a core service API to take care of this task. See the documentation here. I imagine this is how it's done in the Alchemy plugin, although it's clearly a matter of personal preference whether you feel the need for a graphical user interface.


Install the below Alchemy extension which will do the task for you:


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