I want to integrate my application with worldserver for data translation between different languages. As we all know worldserver would give us context in whichever language we need

Here is the example API I found to login to world Server

The base URL for the REST API is: http(s)://{your-server-name}:{port-number}/ws-api/v1 The endpoints are then added to to that base URL and one has to make sure that the http request has a Content-Type header set to "application/json".

For example, to login you have to make a POST request to {BASE_URL}/login, set Content-Type to application/json and in the body of the request send following json:

{ "username":"your-username", "password":"your-password" }

as a response you would get something similar to the following json: { "sessionId": "956580144", "expirationTime": "", "userDetails": { "fullName": "Admin", "fingerprint": "2b35927d-cfef-4884-80bd-9d73ca849965", "language": { "id": 1033, "languageCode": "en", "countryCode": "US", "locale": "en_US_English (United States)" }, "regionalSettingsLocale": "en_US_English (United States)" }, "loginOutcome": "LOGIN_SUCCEEDED", "lastUpdateTime": 1465461211916, "daysToPwdExpire": -1 }

What's important is the session id since this is used as session token for all the subsequent requests.

I'm looking for more API's like , what exactly is there work flow. Once login, What is the API to send me text/description they would process that.

And what is there process of work ? In which API endpoint they are going to show us the status?

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  • @PankajGaur I have edited my question with more details – swathi Jun 8 '17 at 21:05
  • This stack exchange site is about SDL Web (aka Tridion), which is a Web Content Management and Delivery System. Your question is about SDL World Server, which is a Translation Management System. You may be better off asking your question at the API Q&A Forum for WorldServer here: community.sdl.com/developers/language-developers/f/283 – Nuno Linhares Jun 8 '17 at 22:05

You can get the information of all the Rest API endpoints from the WS server url:


Hope that helps

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