I'm developing an extension which saves some Page data (on the Save/SaveClose/SaveNew event) to the app_data table throught Core Service Client with the follow code:

Byte[] byteData = Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(applicationData);
ApplicationData appData = new ApplicationData
    ApplicationId = "AppData:Page",
    Data = byteData,
    TypeId = "-64"
_client.SaveApplicationData(tcmElement, new[] { appData });

It works fine, but when I reload the Page the data that I get is wrong, because is data stored in a previous version of the item in the app_data table... I read the data following this code:

ApplicationData appData = _client.ReadApplicationData(tcmElement, "AppData:Page");*

Do you know what could be the problem? Is there any way to get a specific version of the data in app_data?

Thanks in advance!

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The SaveApplicationData method saves Application Data on the (version of) the item you specify as first parameter.

Note that a TCM URI can contain a version number (-v{version} suffix). In case of a Versioned Item, a TCM URI without version implicitly addresses the latest, checked-in version. If you want to add App Data to a checked-out item (which will be checked-in later), you should use the Dynamic Version, which has a -v0 suffix in its TCM URI.


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