I'm developing an extension to give more functionality to Tridion and all works fine in the Content Manager, but I have tried to apply the same commands in XPM and the behavior is totally different.

I give you an example:

  • CME: $display.getUri() returns "tcm:XX-XXXX-64"
  • SiteEdit: $display.getUri() returns undefined

Do you know if exists a manual/documentation about the Anguilla Framework commands in XPM or any equivalence between them?

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I have found a similar commands that give us back the same result. For example, the commands described in the post (return the tcm of the Page):

  1. CME: $display.getUri() returns "tcm:XX-XXXX-64"
  2. SiteEdit: $display.getView().properties.pageSettings.PageID returns "tcm:XX-XXXX-64"

Hope it helps.

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