I'm trying POC on implementing profiling and personalisation using DD4T. Using following code to increment the tracking key.

WAIPage Waipage = new WAIPage(pageId, Context.ApplicationInstance.Conext); TrackingKeys tk = new TrackingKeys(Waipage.User); tk.IncrementKey("keyname"); tk.ExecuteUpdate();

The User table is getting updated every time i load page but it's always coming with the value -1 for presentation_id. Also tracking key does not getting increamented in the tracking_keys table. And a cookie is getting set with name Wai_-1 and it's having value user_id=0 always.

I have gone through all the articles related to implementing profiling but I could not figure out what i'm missing here.

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i found the issue the host value in the cd_wai config was having http:// when i removed it, everything worked fine..

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