I have an Angular 4 application that is loaded inside a Publication tab. From that application, I need to open the Select Item window to get the selected item.

Until now I used the classic window.open(url, ...), but I don't know how to get the selected item.

The url that I use is /WebUI/Editors/CME/Views/Popups/ItemSelect/ItemSelectDialog.aspx


var popup = $popupManager.createExternalContentPopup($cme.Popups.TREE_ITEM_SELECT.URL, $cme.Popups.TREE_ITEM_SELECT.FEATURES, { rootId: "tcm:0-2-1", itemTypes: [$const.ItemType.CATEGORY, $const.ItemType.KEYWORD], allowRootSelection: true }); popup.open();

Also Register Namespace :

Dependencies.Add("Tridion.Web.UI.Editors.CME"); Dependencies.Add("Tridion.Web.UI.Editors.CME.commands"); Dependencies.Add("SDL.Web.UI.Editors.CME.CommandSets.All"); Dependencies.Add("SDL.Web.UI.Core.Controls.fieldbuilder");

Hope it will work for you...


Please try below example code for open tridion select item.

* Handles the Component Browse selection and opens the CME item selector dialog
SDLWEB.RTFExtensions.Popups.InsertComponent.prototype._onComponentBrowseClicked = function (event) {

var p = this.properties;
var c = p.controls;

if (p.ItemPopup && p.ItemPopup.isOpen()) {
else {
    // Show only the components from the current publication
    var filter = {
            ItemTypes: [$const.ItemType.COMPONENT],
            ShowNewItems: true

    var rootId = (window.dialogArguments && window.dialogArguments.publicationId) ? window.dialogArguments.publicationId : "";
    var self = this;
    // Launch the item selector dialog
    p.ItemPopup = $popupManager.create(
        $cme.Popups.ITEM_SELECT.FEATURES, { filter: filter });
    // close popup during cancel
    function InsertComponent$_onComponentBrowseClicked$onPopupClosed(event) {
        if (p.ItemPopup) {
            p.ItemPopup = null;
    // get the selected component and grab its title
    $evt.addEventHandler(p.ItemPopup, "insert",
        function InsertComponent$_onComponentBrowseClicked$onPopupSubmitted(event) {
            var items = event.data.items;

            if (items) {
                var itemId, itemName;
                itemId = items[0];
                if (!String.isNullOrEmpty(itemId)) {
                    var item = $models.getItem(itemId);                    
                    if (item) {
                        itemName = item.getStaticTitle();

                        self._onComponentSelected(itemId, itemName, "");                           



  • We already use this kind of code in our previous extensions. But this one uses Angular. And in Angular and Typescript you don't have access to Tridion code like $popupManager, $cme.Popups, $evt, $models... Jul 13 '17 at 6:38

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