I am working on SDL Web 8.5 and only using the CME. I have a Schema (SchemaA) with a targetNamespace="uuid:xxx". I can update existing Components based on SchemaA and save them. Additionally, I can copy and paste these existing Components into other folders and work with the new copies. I can also preview these Components successfully with the Default Template.

However, if I create a new Component based off of SchemaA and try to save the Component (after filling out any mandatory fields) I get the following error:

Unable to find uuid:xxx:Metadata.

This is stopping me from creating new Components based on this Schema. Additionally, if I try to preview the Component before saving with the Default Template I get the following error:

Unexpected namespace URI: uuid:yyy. Expecting: uuid:xxx.

For some reason, the UUIDs do not match up here. Furthermore, I have compared the Source tab of the new Components and the old ones, and they are identical. I even tried copying the source from an existing (working) Component into a new one but I still could not save or preview.

Any ideas why newly created Components seem to be using the wrong namespace uuid?

  • Have you looked in the schema? Do you possibly have more than one SchemaA? Aug 2, 2017 at 18:25

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The issue was with how I was creating the new components. When selecting a schema for a new component I was opening the schema dropdown and typing the letter "i" to get to the schema I wanted (instead of scrolling). This was selecting a different schema first (since my desired schema was not the first "i" in the list) and loading the fields for it. Then I was opening the dropdown again and selecting my desired schema. It turns out that the first schema that started with an "i" had a uuid of: "uuid:yyy" as seen in the preview error.

When creating a new component if I open the dropdown and scroll directly to the schema I want and click it without selecting any other schemas first, the issue does not present itself.

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    So basically if you choose one Schema first and then another, it doesn't update the Metadata to match the namespace of the latest Schema you selected? That would be a bug. Please report it if you haven't already :) Aug 4, 2017 at 15:15

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