When launching Experience Manager as a non-administrator, there is a page invoke call that takes a nearly five minutes to respond.

Non Admin Network Trace But when launching as an admin, the same call executes in less than ten seconds.

Admin Network Trace

the two invoke calls have the same response, with the exception of the admin functions of UAG. Any help is appricated.


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I've encountered a similar issue at a client where there were a lot of groups and a lot of publications. When logging into the CM, if a regular user it would take 15 minutes to log in, but admins would be instant. The issue was due to how the CM checks which group a user belongs to and what publications and folders he has access to. It's basically a very long nested loop algorithm. The way this issue was solved was by contacting product support and they developed a custom hotfix for that customer's scenario. Perhaps a similar condition exists in your system.

  • Issue resolved in Web 8.5 for us. SDL must have included the hotfix. Aug 15, 2018 at 18:03

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