What is the right way to add / remove words from Tridion spell checker (company name, terms etc.)? Looking at the default configuration, it looks like we can add a new configuration element to your language (\WebUI\Models\CME\SpellChecker\SpellCfg.xml).

<language name="English (United States)" id="am">

You can then edit "myssceam.tlx" with your new suggestions / replacements. Is this the only way to customize this behavior? Any feedback is appreciated.


From the online documentation:

To add a custom dictionary, create a plain-text file listing supplementary dictionary entries, save it to the Content Manager server, and configure it in the SpellChecker configuration file, SpellCfg.xml.


  1. To specify additional words to add to one of the SpellChecker dictionaries, create a plain-text file containing one word on each line, and ending in an empty line.

  2. Save this file to a location on your Content Manager server machine.

  3. Open the file


    for editing.

  4. Find the language element with the id and name attributes set to the language for which you created the file.

  5. Inside this element, inside its customLex element, create a <path> subelement followed by a <files> subelement, and create one <file> subelement inside <files>.

  6. Set the value of <path> to the full path to the new file.

  7. Set the value of <file> to the name of the new file.

  8. Verify that your <customLex> section looks as follows:


    where d:\projects\spellchecker\languages\Italian is the path to your file, and Myitdict.txt is the name of your file.

  9. Save and close SpellCfg.xml.

  10. Restart IIS to apply your changes.


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