Category : CatA Keyword : KeywordA

Related Keywords in KeywordA(In The Order They are linked): KeywordB, KeywordC, KeywordF, KeywordE, KeywordD

Sample TCM IDs(Order of Creation):

KeywordB: tcm:1-1-1024
KeywordC: tcm:1-2-1024
KeywordD: tcm:1-3-1024
KeywordE: tcm:1-4-1024
KeywordF: tcm:1-5-1024

Now, when I try to fetch the Related Keywords for KeywordA from the DXA Application using GetRelatedKeywordUris() method, I get the related keywords in the order they are created, not in the order they are linked in the Related Keywords of KeywordA.

Means, the result which I get is KeywordB, KeywordC, KeywordD, KeywordE, KeywordF

Result Expected is : KeywordB, KeywordC, KeywordF, KeywordE, KeywordD

Can anyone help, how I can get the result in order they are linked in Related Keywords?

enter image description here

Sharad Kumar Sangal

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This scenario you are referring, already asked in Trex you can refer the below link

Tridion related keyword ordering is not maintained correctly

  • Hi Priyank, I went through that, but what to put in custom compareTo method, as we are not sorting by Key or Name. Sep 8, 2017 at 8:34
  • 2
    This may be a (old) Known Issue, but if the CME allows you to order the related Keywords, it is a reasonable expectation that you can retrieve them in that order. I would report this with SDL Customer Support. Sep 8, 2017 at 9:01

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