On the Content Manager Explorer of a SDL Web 8.1 instance I get an error when I use the "View on Site" button on any page.

On the same instance this button used to work.

I tried to close&open the browser, and tried on a different machine but the issue remains.

This is the error message from the browser console:

Uncaught ReferenceError: ko is not defined
    at eval (/WebUI/Editors/Base/Libraries/Knockout/knockout.bindinghandlers.js:1)
    at eval (<anonymous>)
    at Function.globalEval (/SDL/Common/Library/Core/Packages/SDL.Client.Core.js:1)
    at JsFileHandler._render (/SDL/Common/Library/Core/Packages/SDL.Client.Core.js:3)
    at JsFileHandler.o.render (/SDL/Common/Library/Core/Packages/SDL.Client.Core.js:3)
    at Function.o.renderWhenLoaded (/SDL/Common/Library/Core/Packages/SDL.Client.Core.js:3)
    at eval (/SDL/Common/Library/Core/Packages/SDL.Client.Core.js:3)
    at Object.eval (/SDL/Common/Library/Core/Packages/SDL.Client.Core.js:3)
    at c (/SDL/Common/Library/Core/Packages/SDL.Client.Core.js:2)
    at Object.fireWith (/SDL/Common/Library/Core/Packages/SDL.Client.Core.js:2)

What could cause this issue?

  • After a restart of IIS and all content manager services the problem was resolved. I do not know what the root cause was. – Jan H Sep 8 '17 at 13:46
  • recently any GUI extensions/hotfix deployment anything happened on CME server? – Velmurugan Sep 10 '17 at 18:46
  • @Velmurugan I have an ECL extension, but that has been stable for a while. – Jan H Sep 11 '17 at 6:03

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