In this question, (How to map Model for a Schema, which has multiple value Component link field with multiple allowed Schemas?) Stan has given a step-by-step answer for the solution and Rick replied to his answer with several tips. One of the tips says:

Note that if you use a Prefix in your SemanticEntity annotation (which I would not recommend), you must also use that in your SemanticProperty annotation. For example: [SemanticProperty("s:componentLink")]

Why would a prefix annotation not be recommended?

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That is purely for simplicity reasons (KISS principle). You need to use a prefix if:

  • You want to publicly expose the semantics (Public=true) in your HTML , e.g. for SEO purposes. In this case you should ensure you use a well-known, public vocabulary (e.g. schema.org).
  • You want to map a View Model type to multiple CM Schemas (by giving it multiple SemanticEntity annotations). In this case you should use a different prefix for each semantic type.

If you don't have these requirements, you can do without prefix. You can still use a prefix if you like complexity, though. :-)

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