I was recently asked "that hotfix looks pretty much the same as this problem we have here - should we just try it?".

The challenge we've encountered is increasing timeouts (even with increased timeout params to a reasonable level) whilst calling some heavy/frequent core service calls in dealing with some business rules and the TMS, and the hotfix referred to is Hotfix TT88696.

I see the hotfix (details noted below) actually infers the Core Service Client handling by workflow could be improved (See "Improved robustness of handling of Core Service clients by the workflow agent")

Whilst I accept the hotfix specifics are for an issue where the CMS becomes unresponsive - I think the question is valid given it would appear that it's application will make the very thing we're seeing as a problem "more robust" (if there are no conflicts with other hotfixes).

The question - there has to be a question - is - is it ill-advised to try the hotfix and if it works run with it?

Release Notes for Hotfix TT88696

Version: This hotfix is intended for SDL Tridion 2013 SP1 HR1.

Problem description: Content Manager system becomes unresponsive when many bundle workflow activities are resumed.

Hotfix description: Improved robustness of handling of Core Service clients by the workflow agent, also ensured proper cleanup when workflow scripts fail.

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I've had a think about this and would propose the answer is

  • Don't apply a hotfix without understanding (or agreeing with Support) that it will fix the exact issue you're seeing
    • You may, on the front of it, see something similar but the fix could be a whole world of difference!
  • Remember that hotfixes are not 'designed' to work together
    • they are designed to fix a problem - when you have a number of hotfixes to apply there is the risk that some other hotfix file/stored proc etc. gets overridden

I think as professionals, advising clients, it makes sense that we are aware of similar problems that have hotfixes but - our advice should really be to check-in with the source of the hotfix against the similar issue we encounter before "chancing" that it fits.

The way I've done this recently was to include a reference to the 'possibly related' hotfix to the other (Core Service/Workflow) related ticket the client has open with Tridion Support.

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