While we are migrating our existing webapp to DXA 1.7 Java, we encountered following problem: We have multiple Schemas where more than one Schema is available as Component Link. See screenshot:

enter image description here

So the question is: How would the entity model in Java look like for this issue? Currently we only got it working for only one Schema (in this example: Content Teaser) at a time but not for multiple Schemas.

EDIT: All Linked Schemas have completely different XML fields and do have nothing in common.


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Thanks Diego Rodríguez for the answer. We ran a first test with our DXA Java implementation together with multiple @SemanticProperty in our Entity Model and we were able to successfully get results in the Front-End.

Entity model looks kind of like this: enter image description here

There are some new challenges now like a correct Partial approach for better reusability but we are good to continue so far. Thank you!

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    Consider using the approach with a common base class (described by Stanislav in the same StackExchange topic) instead. It results in much cleaner View Model and View code. Commented Nov 3, 2017 at 12:44

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