I want to add Component's metadata to transport package, and get it from Deployer Extension. I wrote following code in C# TBB, then metadata is included in component_presentations.xml, which is in Transport package, as RenderingMetadata element.


But I cannot find how to get the RenderingMetadata from Deployer Extension.

Is there any API in Deployer Extension to get RenderingMetadata?

Or is writing code to get RenderingMetadata from component_presentations.xml required?

I find this method in following page.



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In 2013 in your deployer extension you could get this with the following syntax:

String renderAddedMeta = page.getRenderAddedMetaData();

This example is for a PageDeploy. You have access to the page object in the processPage method. Similarly you can do the same for component presentations.

I am unable to verify at the moment, but Web8 must have something similar.

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