I am using DXA 2.0 CTP 2. It's a fresh, installation, and I'm running the .NET version of the application as a source build using the DxaFramework solution. In the Unity config, ContextClaimsProvider is mapped to AdfContextClaimsProvider, and of course, my Web.config points to my own discovery endpoint, but for the rest, it's "out of the box", including <add key="default-module" value="Core"/> in the Web.Config.

When I try to run the application, I get an error message:

ERROR No View Model registered for View 'Core:Page:GeneralPage'. Check that you have registered this View in the 'Core' area registration.

I'm trying to load the home page, so I've checked the Home Page Template: the Page View Name there is GeneralPage. This looks correct to me, and given that the default module is Core, my expectation would be that the framework should be looking for a Core:GeneralPage view, rather than Core:Page:GeneralPage.

What is this error message trying to tell me? Do I need to modify or expand my conceptual understanding of DXA in some way? How should I change my setup to get this working?


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View names are scoped to a specific Area and specific Controller. The fully qualified View name Core:Page:GeneralPage means a View called GeneralPage for Controller Page(Controller) in Area Core.

If all is well, this file should exist in your Web App: Areas\Core\Views\Page\GeneralPage.cshtml. Note that this is not the case by default if you build from sources, because the Core Module is not part of the solution, but in a separate repository (dxa-modules).

If you build the Core module from sources too and you have the DXA_SITE_DIR environment variable set to the location of your Web App, the required artifacts (Views + DLL) will be copied to your Web App.

  • Great - thanks Rick - just the insight I was looking for. Commented Nov 14, 2017 at 21:04

Core:Page:GeneralPage is how missing views are reported.

Many solutions do NOT include "Core" by default.

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