Originally this was titled "Tridion Experience Manager New Page Error". We've now determined that new pages are not created in XPM because Tridion requests them as http instead of https.

Steps to produce my issue:

  1. I navigate to a page
  2. I click "new page"
  3. I select page type
  4. I fill in page name, and file name
  5. I click "create page"

In Tridion Web 8.5:


The page "loading icon" spins for approximately 2 minutes. Then I get the following message:

message saying must be unique item

However, the page has been created in the CME:

Page in CME

In the browser console, I see the following: Issues in console

The error message "carousel is not a function" displays before I went through these steps.

Tridion 8.5 With Hotfixes

Hotfixes applied:

  • XPM_8.5.0.3571
  • XPM_8.5.0.6084


After step 5, I only see the loading icon. It never goes away. And the browser console shows this:

Cross domain error4]

The page is also in the CME. And it's published: the page in the CME, and published

Setup Details

The following microservices are HTTPS:

  • Audience Manager
  • Context
  • Discovery
  • Experience Optimization Management
  • Experience Optimization Query
  • Session Content
  • Session Preview

The following Microservices are not HTTPS:

  • Deployer

(We get publishing errors every time we try to make the deployer https)


I can log in to the CMS, and my web browser shows that the CMS is properly https. However, I don't see any https bindings in

Pic of IIS bindings]6

Sites/ Topology Manager:

Topology manager shows the sites as both https and http. However, When we go into the "Sites" tab, the urls displayed are http:

when I hover over the url in sites manager it is http

Summary of Issue(s)

XPM without hotfixes

  • none of the setup details mentioned above apply here, but...
  • takes forever,
  • and shows an error that a duplicate page was created.
  • The definitely-not-a-duplicate page displays in the CME.

XPM with hotfixes

  • takes less than forever,
  • it only shows the loading icon,
  • gets a "blocked loading mixed content" message in the browser console,
  • and publishes the page.

What we've Done:

We've gone through the following in our QA environment (which has hotfixes):

  1. Edited our JavaScript that showed an error in the console inside of XPM
  2. Gone through the configuration of every.single.microservice to make sure they're set up properly.
  3. Installed session-aware microservice instead of regular content service.
  4. Made all of our microservices secure.
  5. Reviewed Topology manager. All of our sites were set up to use both http and https.

With all of these things in our QA environment, we still have the issue. Below is a console log of the XHR requests happening during page creation. We still get a "Blocked Loading Mixed Active Content" error in the console.

if we disable browser security, we can created a page. So we know that it has specifically to do with the fact that Tridion is requesting a page as HTTP instead of HTTPS. What can we do to resolve this?

Tridion Tries to load pages as http, even though:

  • Tridion is HTTPS in the browser
  • The webpages it tries to load are HTTPS

It's like Tridion doesn't know it's supposed to load an https page as https:

Log of all XHR requests

  • 1
    Do you have any extensions or event system code active? It seems like something is trying to save the Page twice... Jan 17, 2018 at 8:59
  • No extensions that I know of. (Alchemy isn't installed, no GUI extensions that I can tell)
    – paceaux
    Jan 17, 2018 at 14:16
  • You'll need to check on the server -- System.config for GUI extensions and Tridion.ContentManager.config for event system code. Jan 17, 2018 at 14:53
  • no GUI extensions whatsoever
    – paceaux
    Jan 18, 2018 at 23:41
  • 2
    How is Topology Manager configured, does that use HTTPS base URLs? When you go to the Sites section in the CMS or when you view a Page on Staging or Live, does it open an HTTPS URL for that? Feb 1, 2018 at 8:51

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You mentioned “Topology Manager shows the sites as both HTTP and HTTPS” (technically speaking: the Websites have multiple Base URLs). The question is: which one is first? The first Base URL of a Website (aka Primary Base URL) is used in some places in the CME (e.g. the “View on Site” feature) and may also be used by XPM.

So: your problem might be that the HTTP URL is the first Base URL in Topology Manager.

  • 1
    After weeks of working on this issue, I did a screenshare with SDL Support and one of my team mates caught that the publishing settings for our publications were for http. And I remembered that our topology manager export listed HTTP and HTTPS urls. But the HTTPS base urls were listed second. So this, indeed, seems like the root cause. We reached this conclusion about an hour ago. Your answer definitely confirms it. How can we fix this? Just switch the order in topology manager?
    – paceaux
    Feb 1, 2018 at 21:51

Yes, use set-ttmwebsite commandlet to change the order Set-TtmWebsite -Id website1 -BaseUrls @("https://some_url:port", "http://some_url:port")

  • what's the fallout from running that? will I need to republish? unpublish? sacrifice a woodland creature to Freja?
    – paceaux
    Feb 1, 2018 at 23:04

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