I’m currently creating a DataExtender which shows an additional column, UserComments, in the History Popup window. Because this column is already part of the dataset, this extension only consists of the config file, no additional JavaScript or DataExtender code.

To limit the extenders scope, I’m looking for the view name of this window, I think. When using a wildcard, the column shows up correctly in the history view, but unfortunately also in all other views.

  <ext:view name="*" />

When using the view name ItemHistoryListDialogView the column is not showing at all.

  <ext:view name="ItemHistoryListDialogView" />

I have found this name by looking at $display.getView().getId() in the Chrome debugger.

How can find the correct view name, or otherwise limit the scope, preferably without additional code?

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SDL R&D provided the correct viewname: HistoryListDialogPopup. I also learned that one may get this from one of the urls, when watching the network in chrome, shows the viewname as value of the parameter forView http://cms.local//WebUI/Editors/CME/Xml/ListDefinitions/historylist-head.xml?forView=HistoryListDialogPopup&forControl=FilteredItemsList


Please try below code for getId().

var p = this.properties;
var c = p.controls;
var item = $display.getItem();
var filterColumns = $const.ColumnFilter.ALLOWED_ACTIONS;
var list = item.getVersionList(filterColumns);
p.listId = list.getId();
  • Unfortunately this gives me an undefined on the 1st line. Commented Feb 6, 2018 at 9:38

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