Tridion 2013 DXA Java 1.5

I am trying to pick up in my JSP a Page metadata field that is set to accept multiple values AND uses an embedded Schema.

@SemanticEntity(entityName = "CustomPageMetadata", vocabulary = SDL_CORE, prefix = "m")
public class CustomPageModelImpl extends PageModelImpl implements ViewModel, PageModel {

protected List<String> analytics;

public List<String> getAnalytics() {
    return this.analytics;

And in the JSP

<c:out value ="${pageModel.analytics}"/>

This works great for other fields that aren't sending multiple values or using an embedded schema, but it isn't getting populated at all for this field. If I try changing the variable to a plain String, I get an error that Java is expecting a collection. That implies that I should be getting something that can be mapped to a collection, but I'm not seeing anything. (I've also tried ${pageModel.analytics[0]} and ${pageModel.analytics.get(0)}

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