I am upgrading my DXA 1.2 to DXA 1.7 with SDL Web 8.5. I understand I need to provide the Discovery service URL in my DXA web app's web.config file to make the application work, and it is working as expected as well. So there is no concern's with that.

I was looking into DXA 1.7 core as well as Site project files to identify where the discovery-service-uri key is used from web.config. But I dont find a file which using this key. I am wondering how the Discovery service is consumed by DXA?

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DXA uses the SDL Web Content Interaction Libraries (CIL) to communicate with the Content Interaction Services (CIS). The discovery-service-uri setting is one of the app settings used by the CIL.

So, indeed, you won’t find any references to that setting in the DXA codebase.

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