I created one Parameter Schema and added one text field testText, and assigned 9 as the default value for that field in schema. I have assigned this parameter schema to my TBB in CMS. Now i am trying to retrieve the value 9 in my C# TBB using below code

string validCount = package.GetValue("testText");

but i am not able to retrieve the field value what i have assigned as a default field value. It's returning me empty value.
For reference i used this question

While running the template in builder, if i am assigning the parameter value manually, code is working fine. But i need that default value what i have assigned to the field through code.
Kindly point me out if i am missing anything. I have found many questions on same topic and found same answer everywhere. but in my case i am unable to get the value using this approach.

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I don't think that default values in Parameter Schemas actually work.

If you want default values for your TBB parameters, you should put those in your code (in case a Package item named after the parameter is not found).


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