I am trying to trigger a translation job from an external workflow activity on a Web 8.5 instance. When I save the TranslationJobData I get the following error:

ERROR Project.Workflow.SendTranslationActivityWorker - System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[Tridion.TranslationManager.V2.Data.TmServiceFault]: Nullable object must have a value. (Fault Detail is equal to Tridion.TranslationManager.V2.Data.TmServiceFault)

I am pushing the job using the following code:

public static string Translate(string userId, string title, string publicationId, IEnumerable<string> items, bool includeItemsAlreadyTranslated)
    using (SessionAwareTmServiceClient tmClient = new SessionAwareTmServiceClient("TmBinaryEndpointV2"))

        TranslationJobData job = tmClient.CreateJob(title, publicationId, Tridion.TranslationManager.V2.Data.TranslationJobType.PushJob);

        job.RequiredDate = DateTime.Now;
         job.Priority = Tridion.TranslationManager.V2.Data.TranslationJobPriority.High;

        foreach (string item in items)
            job.AddedItems.Add(new AddedItemData() { TcmUri = item });
        job.IncludeItemsAlreadyTranslated = includeItemsAlreadyTranslated;
        job.State = Tridion.TranslationManager.V2.Data.TranslationJobState.ReadyForTranslation;


        return job.Id.ToString();

Project.Workflow.SendTranslationActivityWorker calls Translate directly, and thus throws the error.

I've confirmed that the error does occur on the tmClient.SaveJob(job); I've also confirmed that none of the values I am adding to the job are null and that none of the values I am using to create the job are null. I've confirmed that I am using the correct endpoint on my tmClient. I can manually translate items with the same configuration as the items I am trying to translate through workflow, in the same publication.

  • You should look in log of TM on server when it is happening. Stacktrace will show where it fails. Jul 22, 2018 at 16:21
  • 1
    But now when I thinking about this. You also need to specify ResolveInfo when you create AddedItem. Like this new AddedItemData() { TcmUri = item; ResolveInfo = ResolveInfo.TranslateParentItems | ResolveInfo.TranslateSubItems } Jul 22, 2018 at 16:46

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You also need to specify ResolveInfo when you create AddedItem.

job.AddedItems.Add(new AddedItemData() {
                                          TcmUri = item,
                                          ResolveInfo = ResolveInfo.TranslateParentItems | ResolveInfo.TranslateSubItems

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