We currently use Solr version 3 in Tridion 2013 SP1. We are migrating the Solr and Tridion to latest versions (Web 8.5 and Solr 7.0). What are the latest features we should mainly concentrate to make our search for a better performance than the earlier versions.

Thanks in advance

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From Tridion's perspective, the following points are relevant:

  • What "type" is your website application, the tag says DXA, is this correct?
  • Are you using Solr for your website search?
    • If yes, how are you populating Solr?

But even then, this doesn't look like a Tridion specific question per se. I suggest you take a look at the following article on how to improve Solr performance. And the following article on the changes and upgrade planning in Solr 7.

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