I've installed CD microservices in Linux by creating '{service-name}.service' files in /etc/systemd/system/ and registering them.

All the CD microservices run well.

I tried to create in such way DXA microservice but it fails on start up. Here is a 'dxa.service' content:

Description=DXA Model Service for SDL Staging
After=network.target staging-discovery.target



So it fails with a message in console like this:

Job for staging-dxa-model.service failed because a timeout was exceeded. See "systemctl status staging-dxa-model.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.

I also tried to add parameter to .service file 'TimeoutStartSec=6000' but same issue but takes longer time =)

Does anybody has experience in creating DXA service in Linux (CentOS 7 x64)?

Here is a part of cd_client log file:

2018-09-07 13:45:37,060 WARN c.s.w.c.c.c.i.BaseClientConfigurationLoader - ?>Unable to resolve ContentServiceCapability using DiscoveryService: > com.sdl.odata.client.api.exception.ODataClientRuntimeException: Unable to call >OData service for "" URL and service query >"/TokenServiceCapabilities"

But discovery service returns

"error": "invalid_grant"

So it works I believe

Have you registered the content service in the discovery service? The message states that ContentServiceCapability can’t be resolved, so I would start checking there.

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Thanks to Jeroen Suurd the problem was fixed.

I've made a mistake in 'dxa.service' for PIDFile, should be as follows:


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