Is it possible to change the SDL TMS Configuration ID for a source publication in Tridion "mid-use"?

So whats the impact of sending a translation job whilst configured to Configuration ID "A", then changing this to Configuration ID "B" (and updating source/target publications).

  • Will Translation Manager complain?
  • Would the original translation job be lost or corrupted?
  • Assuming language pairs haven't changed would there be any impact?

Has anyone any experience of doing this?


  • I * assuming* that the content would come back in to the publication it went out as (this is in the package sent out) - the items would be checked back in - everything else would then be dependant on setup/code at that point. If you change the parent relationships - etc. - would it matter as you're just re-chcking content in. Now if you check out that content - there's an issue (or if you change the content model for that content etc.) Sep 27, 2018 at 11:54

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As far as I know, and correct me if I am mistaken, Translation service sends and retrieves translation PER CONFIGURATION. What it means is that every time service tries to retrieve translation per job, it will get configuration and try to localize components/pages/keywords in publications specified in configuration.

So if you change configuration mid-use, I guess all your unfinished translation jobs will stay stuck, or even worse, can cause components to localize in new publications. I know this is not definite answer, but its somewhat a hint. I know that when we were doing config change, we had to retrieve all ongoing jobs, change configuration, and create new jobs.

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