I have a situation where I have an embedded schema within a content schema.

The embedded schema has a field called, horizontalAlignment.

horizontalAlignment has three possible values:

  1. Left
  2. Center
  3. Right

This is what the schema definition looks like: enter image description here

I would like to be able to change those values without using the "field properties" pop-up: Popup that XPM creates for list field

I have to create an editing interface that relies on certain values from my component to generate a preview (So I have to make a preview app within a preview app).

I am able to populate a <textarea> from a plain-text field, update that <textarea>, and have that update Tridion.

But I am not able (so far), to output text from a text+selected-from-a-list field, and update that field in XPM unless I use the XPM-provided selection tool.

How can I update a text field that is a list, within XPM, using client-side JavaScript and not the Text Field Properties popup?


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