We are using the R2 Data Model builder InheritMetadataPageModelBuilder, in order to add the metadata of an SG on the page. However, there's no a recursive behavior there.

SG 1 (Metadata) > SG 2 > Page

When publishing the page, we don't get the metadata of the SG1. In the previous Tridion version, this was possible. Does it exist a way of doing that nowadays with TBB?

If we try SG 1 (Metadata) > Page, this works. But we expected to have the same functionality as in previous versions. If the parent folder doesn't have metadata, recursively ask to the grandparent folder for metadata.

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It seems that the InheritMetadataPageModelBuilder does go “up the tree” to collect SG metadata, but it may be in a different way than you expect: it collects SG metadata for ancestor SGs until it finds a SG without a metadata Schema.

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