In the Tridion Management Console in 2013 we can configure a publisher server for publishing to stage and another for publishing to live, by adding the publishing target tcmid into the Publication Targets field.

So how do we do that in Tridion 8.5 with Topology?

SDL 8.5 Documentation for Queue settings

"You can configure a host to only process messages for a specific Publication Target"

Where do I get a publication target tcmid for the filter?

enter image description here

Edit: Queried the database to get Publication Targets.

SELECT 'tcm:0-' +  CAST( [ID] as  varchar(10)) + '-65537' as 'tcmid' ,[TITLE]
where IS_EMULATED = 1

Is this really the recommended way to find the Publication Target data for configuring Publishers?

I am able to find Publication Target info in PUBLICATION_TARGETS table from DB. In Web 8.5 even though we enable Legacy Publishing we cannot see those targets, Looks like those are hidden as we will not be using in Web 8.5

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