I am using SDL Tridion 2013 and the latest version of Experience manager on my website.

Currently I am looking for a better solution to make some fields editable through experience manager. I haven't found a good solution to write out fields for the basic html functionalities listed below.

  1. How to make component link editable through experience manager.[one way is to write out the separate component presentation tag for the link, but I am looking for a better solution]
  2. I am showing some component fields on mouse hover state of the html content. Wwhat will be the best way to make this field editable?
  3. I have a slideshow banner in my application. Aach slide is a Tridion component and I want to make it editable through experience manager. Because of rich text interface on the HTML side it became little tough to come up with a good and generic solution.

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This scenario is covered in Bart's Having fun with Experience Manager, Page Regions and Widgets blog post on the Tridion Developer site. (See the section starting "The last subject I want to address is that at some point you will come to an item which has no visible element showing on the website")

He suggests using CSS and JavaScript to expose the hidden content when using Experience Manager with a xpm-only class.

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