In the upgraded SDL Web 8.5 system.

One of the DCP template output has component link tag. which is not getting resolved in the web app.

<a tridion:href="@@Component.ID@@">

We added this below config tags in the deployer service tcdl-config.xml also changed the DCP template output type to REL and republished the DCP components then tested it’s working fine it’s resolving the links for DCP component.

    <Property Name=”tcdl.jsp.style” Value=”tags” />
    <Property Name="tcdl.target.language" Value="jsp" />
    <Property Name="tcdl.target.language" Value="rel"/>

but, We noticed that now republished JSP pages on file system RTF field component links are not working.

We can see published JSP pages link tags are getting written as <tcdl:Link instead of <tridion:ComponentLink tag.

And then we removed the REL tag (<Property Name="tcdl.target.language" Value="rel"/>) in deployer service tcdl-config – restarted, and republished the JSP page and tested JSP RTF field component links are working fine and noticed that published JSP page on filesystem has <tridion:ComponentLink tags.

The question is: Can tcdl tags be expanded to rel ánd jsp in one environment, depending on the targeted object. So

  • file based jsp - expand tcdl to jsp tags
  • Broker based rel dcps - expand tcdl to rel tags


Pages – stored in the filesystem

DCP – stored in DB

Web app Java jsp uses CIL.

Did anyone face this issue?


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Finally, Found the culprit it's a config issue values are not correct:


<Property Name="tcdl.target.language" Value="jsp" />
<Property Name="tcdl.target.language" Value="rel"/>

Correct config:

<Property Name="tcdl.target.language" Value="rel"/>
<Property Name="tcdl.page.target.language" Value="jsp" />

Refer to documentation Enabling publishing of Pages with REL format Dynamic Component Presentation

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