I need to migrate publish states from old Publication Target with 2 destinations to 2 separate CD Environments. I am aware of the following article for re-purposing old publish states:


but I want to migrate states to one CD environment, and then duplicate the same states for second CD environment, since they were under the same Publication target in the past.

I can migrate states to one CD environment, and then republish all content to the second one, but publishing will take at least a month.

Has anyone had this issue and have they modified the script to accommodate it?

  • I have used that script for a successful upgrade and migration to TopMan from 2013. There should be an option for publish states as far as i remember. Have you tried the script in a sandbox env to see how it behaves? Commented Feb 7, 2019 at 16:56

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I have used it for my migration as well but have not encountered the above scenario. Looking at the help file for "Convert-TcmPublishStates", this may not be feasible. The only 2 parameters that are allowed in the script for the Source are Publication Targets and Target Types. The script basically modifies the PUBLISH_STATES table along with the references, among the other things.

The destination is generally stored in the PUBLICATION_TARGETS table and is used to store the endpoint with the mode of transport for the deployer. I suggest not modifying the script. See notes and recommendations from the developers :).

Do not attempt to change, decompile, or modify the cmdlet, which uses internal methods and queries created by SDL Web R&D.

Rather than duplicating the destination, can you not consume content that is published to one envrironment? I do not know your use cases but can avoid republishing of content (which is the goal of using TcmPublishStates).

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