I have a multimedia field in the Navigation Keyword When I publish the Navigation category, it is fine. I can see the image in the folder. But when we link this keyword to a page and publish this page then the page gives 404 item not found. If I leave the image field empty and publish, the page is found. I don't see any errors. Is this a bug in DXA?

Update: When I checked the model service logs it gave the below error.

PageModelExpander - Cannot expand entity EntityModelData(id=135529-126337, componentTemplate=null, linkUrl=null, content=null, binaryContent=null, externalContent=null) for page PageRequestDto(publicationId=10, uriType=tcm, path=/en, includePages=INCLUDE, contentType=MODEL, dataModelType=R2, expansionDepth=100, depthCounter=com.sdl.dxa.common.dto.DepthCounter@9b) com.sdl.webapp.common.exceptions.DxaItemNotFoundException: Cannot find a CP for componentUri = tcm:10-135529, template id = 126337

  • Is the given Component (tcm:10-135529) published (as DCP)? It looks like you're using "dynamic expansion" for the Component Link (i.e. the Component's Schema is associated with the "Generate Data Presentation" DCT). Is that intentional? – Rick Pannekoek Feb 18 '19 at 15:09
  • @RickPannekoek, I haven't associated this component's schema with the "Generate Data Presentation" DCT. If I open this template (tcm:10-126337-32), I can see that it is only linked to Article Schema which is the default setting of DXA. – Rache Feb 19 '19 at 11:05

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