This code works nicely when I have "Administrator" privileges...

string item = "tcm:12-31-64";
if (this.client.IsExistingObject(item))
    this.client.Read(item, new ReadOptions(););

...but when I do not, the IsExistingOject call succeeds, but the Read call fails.

My system administrator does not want me to have "Administrator" priviliges just to use Core Service. I can successfully read the item through a browser, so it seems the missing privileges are between "accessing through browser" and "accessing through Core Service.

Any ideas what the additional permissions required are? Is there a built-in group(s) I need to be a part of?

Thanks in advance.

  • The access should be the same if it's the same user. What's the error and what do you do with the returned IdentifiableObjectData? I'd look at confirming permissions for the containing structure group and maybe checking it's the right item, publication, etc. Jun 27, 2013 at 17:51

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You have not impersonated the Core service client call with your Identity.

As per my experience, I won't suggest to use administrator access to impersonate and do processing the request.


SessionAwareCoreServiceClient ProxyClient = new SessionAwareCoreServiceClient("wsHttp_2011");

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