There is a scenario to fetch an excel file which has been inserted on a multimedia component using Tridion razor mediator.

Note: I have tried to get the excel file but I am getting the TCM Id of the component with the help of a template. But I need the excel file.

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To create and use Custom Dreamweaver Functions from a Razor Mediator.

Refer to this below example, you can create one specific to your case.

  1. Create a custom class in C# using the TOM.NET API based on ITemplate and IFunctionSource
public String PublishBinary(String compURI)
    Component comp = mEngine.GetObject(compURI) as Component;

    String publishPath = String.Empty;

    if (comp != null && comp.BinaryContent != null)
        Binary pubBinary = mEngine.PublishingContext.RenderedItem.AddBinary(comp);

        publishPath = pubBinary.Url;

        if (pubBinary != null)
            publishPath = pubBinary.Url;

    return publishPath;

  1. Create the Strong-name and add it to the GAC using the gacutil.exe.

  2. Edit your environment Tridion.ContentManager.config and find the element and inside it, the element. Add your class dll reference.

            <functionSource type="YourCompany.Tridion.Templating.YourCustomClassExtensions" assembly="MyCustomClass, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=ddfc8957d6e5ee6b" />
  1. Restart SDL Tridion services and COM+

  2. In your TBB Razor template, you can call your template callable function as below

         var dw = new YourCompany.Tridion.Templating.YourCustomClassExtensions();
         dw.Initialize(TridionHelper.Engine, TridionHelper.Package);  

I hope it helps.

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