We are using DXA 2.0 Java with DXA Model Service 2.0 including hotfix CD_10.1.0.8270. Recently SDL team has released SDL DXA Model Service 2.0.3(https://github.com/sdl/dxa-model-service/releases/tag/DXA_2.0.3_Hotfix)

can we apply this hotfix?

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Yes. It's good to apply and important to understand the new changes and fixes included in the hotfix.

@Rick Pannekoek did a great presentation about "Beyond SDL Tridion Sites DXA 2.0" and explained about this Hotfix releases of DXA 2.0 changes.

DXA Model Service "in-process"

  • Much better performance using in-process CD APIs instead of CIL
    • No HTTP/OData (de-)serialization overhead
    • Much less ADF overhead
    • Leverages Tridion Object Cache (incl. cache invalidation)

enter image description here


  • Tightly coupled DXA 2.0.X -> CD 8.5
  • Dependency on non-public CD artifacts

For DXA 2.0, how to install the DXA_2.0.X hotfix for the Model service?

I hope it helps.

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