I'm trying to setup monitoring in SDL Tridion Sites 9. This works fine, except for the deployer service. This one is throwing the following error:

2019-06-06 15:37:56,018 INFO [com.tridion.monitor.EventDispatcher] ServiceStatusStore - TMA-AG-99999 Status of service 'DeployerService' changed to Error

I have tried to test the url defined in the cd_monitoring_conf.xml to test the deployer service:


When testing this in Postmen (because of OAuth enabled) I get the following error:

Verb POST is not allowed

I have tried it both with the implementer and cmuser

Any thoughts?

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I also had issues with /mapping endpoint for monitoring. It was not stable, even though service was running and /mapping endpoint was accesible via Postman monitoring service returned either not responding or error status. At the end I have reconfigured monitoring service to use /health endpoint (by default in Sites 9 /health is excluded from OAuth in all microservices).

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